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A hand knitted coat is the perfect piece of clothing all year long. Kiro by Kim, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, uses mohair yarn to knit these coats. This type of yarn is both insulating and cool, making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, and just as important, each hand knitted coat is beautiful because of the exceptional sheen of the fabric.

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A recognizable hand knitted coat of exceptional quality

All of our clothing is handmade, including every hand knitted coat. This results in a recognizable style in all of our products, including our knitted spencer, hand knitted cardigan or mohair shawl. All of our customers love this style and so will you! Our clothing is not only recognizable, but also of exceptional quality. When you purchase a hand knitted coat or any other product, like our balloon sleeve vests, it will remain beautiful for years. The fit is great, so the coat will look great when you wear it. Especially for a business fit, we have handmade waistcoats.

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Our customers indicated that they regularly receive compliments while wearing our hand knitted coat or other products. Enjoy our handmade mohair knitwear and place your order now. Do you want to ask a question before ordering? Feel free to contact us or see if your question is answered in our FAQ.

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