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Are you looking for a fashion house where you can buy exclusive handmade knitwear? Kiro by Kim is a Dutch fashion designer based in Rotterdam where you find an extensive collection of mohair fashion. We are a pioneering company in the world of knitwear. We were one of the first to produce handmade knitwear and we even have DIY-kits you can buy to make your own exclusive knitwear at home.

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What items can you buy in our collection of exclusive handmade knitwear?

But what makes handmade knitwear so unique? The main reason we love exclusive knitwear is that you can wear it on any occasion. Whether you like to dress up for a business event or want to have extra layers for a shopping day in town, our exclusive handmade knitwear works with every style there is. What kind of handmade knitwear item would you like to buy? Explore our complete collection of mohair knitwear, including:

Is it possible to buy custom handmade knitwear?

Yes, it is possible to buy handmade knitwear that has been made exclusively for you! At Kiro by Kim, we take a lot of pride in our craftmanship and attention to detail. This is why we provide you with exclusive knitwear made especially for you. Let us know your wishes and we start designing and producing your exclusive handmade knitwear. A custom-made Kiro by Kim knitwear set is a perfect gift for fashion lovers.

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Have you browsed our knitwear collection and do you want to buy handmade knitwear from our exclusive mohair yarn? Do not wait any longer and order your favorite items now! If you live in the Netherlands, we charge €5 as shipping costs for orders below €300. We also send our exclusive handmade knitwear to other countries in Europa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. We are more than happy to help you.

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