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Our hand knitted cardigans are completely handmade. The result is a unique piece of clothing that still has the recognizable style of Kiro by Kim. This style is the result of a combination of certain types of yarn, containing mohair yarn. This type of yarn is both durable and beautiful, making it great to use in handmade high-end clothing, such as hand knitted cardigans. The fabric has a beautiful sheen and is available in a wide range of colors, making is possible to create a pink mohair cardigan for example. Additionally, our handmade items are suitable to wear in the colder and warmer months of the year, so you can wear our hand knitted cardigans all year long.
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Hand knitted cardigans of excellent quality

Kiro by Kim, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a pioneer when it comes to hand knitted cardigans. We were one of the first to ever sell this type of clothing, such as a pink mohair cardigan. We are proud of being one of the first producers, but we are even more proud of our craftmanship and attention to detail. All of our hand knitted cardigans and other handmade items, such as a coat, shawl or spencer, are great quality, have a great fit and remain beautiful for a long time. Take a look at our complete collection and pick your favorite. Whether this is a pink mohair cardigan or another item, it will look absolutely beautiful when you wear it.

Knit your own pink mohair cardigan

Would you like to craft your own knitted cardigan, for example a pink mohair cardigan? Order one of our prepacked wool combinations and knit your own. You will receive materials and an instruction so you can go ahead create your own hand knitted cardigan or coat. You can always contact us to ask questions about your own handmade knitted cardigan. Place your order for one of our items or our prepacked wool combinations and create a beautiful outfit.

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