Mohair shawl

A mohair shawl is an excellent piece of high-end clothing that perfectly combines comfort and style. A shawl is a wonderful way to complete your outfit, especially when it is a mohair shawl. This yarn is both durable and beautiful, as it has an exceptional sheen. Additionally, it feels warm in winter and cool in the summer, making it the perfect fit for shawl-lovers.

A beautiful and durable mohair shawl and other products

A mohair shawl, handmade by Kiro by Kim based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. The result is a mohair shawl of excellent quality that you can wear for years. This applies to all our mohair knitwear, including our hand knitted sweaters, hand knitted vests and hand knitted coats. Our customers told us they receive compliments about their clothing while wearing our knitwear. Order your favorite mohair shawl now and stand out while wearing it.

Place your order and enjoy beautiful knitwear

Do you like one of the mohair shawls we offer in our online store? Place your order now and enjoy your high-end shawl soon. Do you have certain questions about our items that you want answered before ordering? Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.

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