– By Knitknitz.

Now you can knit your own designer knitwear with my prepacked wool combinations.

KnitKnitz is 100% owned and operated by Kim Chen, owner and designer of knitwear brand Kiro by Kim. She is now branching out and sharing her amazing skills as a knitwear designer and wool connaisseur to KnitKnitz. She assembles and creates the kits using her years of experience as a wool-buyer and knitter.

All kits come with personal instruction from Kim, if needed and you are at this point free to choose a sweater/vest model from Kiro by Kim to knit with the kit materials of course. At a later stage we will send a printed instruction leaflet, and we are working hard on some instructional videos, but for now, we don’t want you to worry: you will get all the help you need.


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