Mohair sweater

Kiro by Kim, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is extremely proud of the craftmanship and attention to detail we put in every single handmade knitted sweater we create. We were one of the first brands to create and sell this type of hand knitted sweater. This makes us a pioneer when it comes to the creation of a mohair knitted sweater. Whether your order a black or a hot pink mohair knitted sweater, we ensure that you receive a unique piece of high-end clothing. All of our items are very comfortable and durable, because of the blend of yarn we use to create each item. Take a look in our online store and find your favorite mohair knitted sweater.

A hand knitted mohair sweater with a recognizable style

The unique blend of yarn we use to create our handmade knitted sweater, such as a hot pink or black hand knitted mohair sweater, ensures that our recognizable style is present in each item of clothing we create. However, each sweater, or coat, remains unique as it is completely hand knitted. Previous customers indicated that they receive compliments when they wear our handmade knitted sweater. The reason might be the fact that mohair yarn is considered a luxury fiber. It has an incredible sheen, making it a beautiful fabric to wear. Additionally, it is very durable, making it the perfect fabric to use in clothing. Mohair yarn is available in multiple beautiful colors, making it possible to create not only a black, but also a handmade hot pink mohair knitted sweater or camel knitwear.

Create your own with our prepacked wool packages

It is also possible to knit your own mohair knitted sweater. All you have to do is order one of our prepacked wool packages. We created packages containing our unique yarn blend and instructions on how to make your own hand knitted sweater. This way, you wear a high-end piece of clothing with our unique signature style, but you made it yourself. The result is a piece of clothing that can be worn with pride. We provide clear instructions, so everybody is able to create a hot pink or black mohair handmade knitted sweater. Please feel free to contact us if something is not completely clear during the process.

Place your order and discover how comfortable our mohair knitted sweater is

Discover the unique collection in our online shop and place your order. Customer satisfaction is extremely valuable to us, so we want to do everything in our power to make you happy with your purchase. This includes free shipping for order above €300 within the Netherlands and favorable return options. Do you want to know more about Kiro by Kim? Feel free to ask your questions and contact us.

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